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OMFG Stolls + Pin set!!!

STROLLS!!! We came upon a massive backlog of our Series 1 OMFG STROLL figures (thanks to George of DoubleG Toys) and are now going to offer them up as a package deal with our brand new STROLL pin that was produced by @umitoyshawaii - these high quality silver metal backed pins measure 1.5โ€ tall and feature a full color diecut print of our STROLL that is covered with a high gloss super clear epoxy dome with 2 rubber backers. Each comes carded and ready to fasten to anything and everything.

This is a package deal, and this is the way it's going to work. Instead of having to pack up STROLL's 1 by 1 (how bad would it suck to print/label/ship over 150 STROLL's)... we will be offering up the same deal that we did at Dcon (buy 5 get 1 free) and you get a new STROLL pin as well. So you get to pick 6 Strolls! Now, how do you pick your colors?!?! We will be offering up colors on a first come first served basis... some colors are super limited, others we have quite a few, so we will pack these up according to when we receive the order and will do our best to make it fair so that you get a random assortment if we sell out of some colors ***but do note, you might get 6 of the same color if we run low - but that's what online trading is for :-)***

When ordering, please add to the NOTES section of the order which colors you prefer in order (list of colors below):

Clear Red
Clear Blue
Clear Purple
Clear Violet
Color Changing Blue

Thanks for your support... and each order will come with some super high quality screen printed vinyl STROLL stickers!